Swissair 111 may not have been an accident


A former RCMP investigator claims that criminal evidence of an incendiary device was suppressed in the investigation of the fiery crash of Swissair 111 which claimed 229 lives in 1998. Official report would conclude that faulty wiring the cause of the fire. … 3s.twitter

Among the victims was a Saudi Prince. There are claims that half-a-billion dollars in Diamonds and gems on board the aircraft were never recovered :question:



I wouldn’t pay much attention to CBC’s Fifth Estate, it’s a sensationalist quasi-news program much given to hyperbole. Sounds like this ex-cop is still miffed at his “theory” having been discounted.

It’s just a theory, and I can’t quite see the relevance of phantom diamonds - if you wanted to steal them setting the plane on fire is an odd way of going about it.

Pah !


"]The aircraft broke up on impact with the water, and most of the debris sank to the ocean floor (a depth of 55 m or 180 ft).

Now would be a good time to take up SCUBA diving! :exclamation: