Swiss Sabreliner sets record for Globe Trotting . . . news

57 hours and 54 minutes.

Riccardo Mortara and his crew landed in Geneva on Sunday after flying around the world in just under 58 hours in the Rockwell Sabreliner 65, an aircraft belonging to the 9,000 - 12,000 kg category in which the American Steve Fosset set the last record.

Mortara, who flew with two co-pilots; his oldest son Gabriel and Flavien Guderzo, took off on Friday morning. They flew over 33 countries in a 22,928 miles stretch at a mean speed of 402 mph.

That’s an interesting choice of aircraft for the task. It seems to me that there are many better options with regards to speed, range, engine efficiency etc.

What made both record holders choose this relatively rare and expensive to maintain aircraft?

So what!..

This attempt is nothing extraordinary. And the media once again displays their ignorance, jumping all over this lame promotion.

Fosset did it NON-STOP in this category! BIG DIFFERENCE. Fosset did it three times in turbine powered business aircraft. Twice in his Citation X…once east-bound at an average speed of nearly 560 mph, and west-bound at just over 500 mph…which was faster than this attempt which went east-bound. :unamused: Then he did it non-stop in the GlobalFlyer.

This flight wasn’t anything more than an around the world joy ride…and frankly, so were Fosset’s. But at least his flights had some significance.

Just kool to see a 30 year old Sabreliner out there working!!!

Just out for a record setting joyride, certainly agree with ‘No bid deal’. Just a video of a Sabreliner!!

Steve Fosset was an American Adventurer, nothing to compare. … eve+fosset

Certainly nothing against you Rob… :wink: And no question that the Sabreliner was a great airplane of its day. It’s tough, stable, and uses carry-over designs from Rockwell’s Sabre series fighters. I’ve thought that the aerodynamically actuated slats were genius. As a side note…one of our organization’s customers owns and operates a 40. Although I don’t see it fly much anymore…

The history of the Sabreliner; Click Here , article is by Jeremy Cox of Jet Brokers - probably the most factual writer of corporate jet histories!!!

Sabreliner time-line

The comparison to Fosset is wrong. This was a vacant record. There was no other aircraft/record to beat in this category. That being stated, its still fun to make these attempts.

Did yours set a record? (I’m asking honestly, I don’t remember). I can’t get the idea of 65+ days in a 172 out of my head. 8) … ish_09.pdf