Suggestions to improve this new forum

I propose we all use this thread to propose things to make this forum easier and more pleasant

try to find/add icons to the categories as it will be easier to detect/navigate

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I think I’d find it more pleasant to be allowed to have a signature line, or to have an explanation as to why I am not allowed to.

As it stands it feels rather rude. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can go into Preferences, and then to the Profile tab and enter what some details on the “About me” field. That information is visible on the popup box to anyone that clicks on your name or avatar icon.

While what you say is entirely correct it does not address the important issue of being compelled to display very poor manners. That does matter to some of us still.

If you write something to others, you should sign it. Anything else encourages “the anti social” and therefore does not allow a sense of community to grow.

We are starting afresh with the new software, so why not address this long standing issue of poor etiquette. Allow it to have the chance of becoming the best it can be.


This new forum is the wrong UI. The only thing I can suggest is to try to make it like the old forum. I’m having a real hard time moving about or finding anything now. I can’t tell what’s new or old (relative to me). This forum is flying in IMC with no instruments.

I dont feel that the new format is bad, but sure it is so different it is causing frustration.
Needs some tutorials, as well as time to help change old habits and adjust to new style.

New one has some glitches and bugs and some facilities are missing (as usual with every new design). Hopefully these will be fixed in due course.

Greetings all,

I’ll try to send out some useful links to help you all with navigating/reading/responding in the Discussions Forum.

In the mean time here’s a few shortcuts you can use in this forum:

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Just an observation from someone who joined in 2010. I have always enjoyed Squawks and the comments by people associated with and knowledgeable about the particular topic discussed. I am sorry, but for the past couple years, the level of comments and replies barely surpasses those on Yahoo. It would be nice if those, who are not truly associated with the aviation industry, would just read and keep their conspiracy theories and lame solutions to a situation to themselves.

Following are MIGRATION problems, happened to all old posts after migration.
(1) Some of the images are displayed, but a large number of images are not displayed, only their URL are there.
(2) Formating is gone at many places. For example [ color = #FF0000 ] xyz [/color] is no more there.
(3) Many sticky threads are no more sticky.
(4) All links to posts are broken. When link in a post to another post is clicked, this is what appears:
Broken link to Flightaware posts

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The Reply box says “Use Markdown, BBCode or HTML to format”.

Accepts ALL Markdown tags.

Accepts only FEW BBCode and HTML tags (such as [ img ], < img > and < a href > tags).

Does NOT accept MANY important one’s, such as < font size=12 > [ size=12pt ] < font color=#FF000 >

Navigation through a thread or topic is very hard.

If one is at the start of a thread, then to go to last post, the only way is to scroll down all the way. Option to go to a particular post is by #number of post, but how do I know what is the number of the last post untill I reach there and see its number?

How do I use these shortcuts in phone or other mobile device? The touch keyboard disappears when Reading a post, and appears only when one is typing a Reply.

Hi abcd567,

Unfortunately, the shortcuts is for desktop use. For mobile, it would require an physical keyboard to use the shortcuts provided earlier.

Hey abcd567,

To navigate you have two options.

Doing it via Desktop:

  • Use the scroll on the right hand of the screen, use the thick blue line image to scroll through the numbers of the post

  • Click anywhere on the thin blue line to jump to a section in the topics
  • image

For Mobile:
*In the lower right hand corner you should see a box like below


It was discovered that if you want to open a permalink you have two methods

  • Via Desktop: right-click the link you want to open, then select the option to open on a separate tab
  • Via Mobile: hold your finger on the link for a few seconds until you receive a pop-up select the option to open the link in a new tab

We have contacted the hosting site on this issue and are taking a look at the issue.

Thank you beno56 for the help.

Just checking up to see if there’s been any issues/questions anyone has (i.e. links broken, how to reply, etc).

If there are any issues or questions, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

Almost all old links to posts are broken. Actually these did not convert to the new url assigned to old posts.

As an example see this page:
Bake a Pi

All following links on this are broken, and take to “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”
If you scroll down, you will find all these post below one after the other


start with:

  1. all links to users feeder sites broken/missing
  2. content table much too slim
  3. no possibility to delete accidentally uploaded pictures
  4. posting code is a pain in the ass

Sent the issue to get resolved, keep you posted on it.