Suggestions to improve this new forum

Since the broken links are not restored yet, I decided to edit some of my pre-migration posts to fix the links myself. I found editing of pre-migration posts has been blocked :angry: :cry: :sob:

Hey Abcd567,

The links do work, but in the way that really doesn’t make sense. Our POC at Discourse is still looking at it to see a possible solution. How it currently works is if you right click and open it on a separate tab.

If you allow, I can try and edit your post and see if that works, instead of waiting for our POC to find a solution.

Thanks beno for prompt reply.
I am not in hurry. Let us wait for your POC at Discourse to do his job. What prompted me to write previous post was that I dont understand why editing of pre-migration posts has been disabled.

I find these all completely useless. You have rendered one of the best pieces of FA completely unusable. I’m sorry you found the old system system so “unmanageable.” I guess the needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many.

In the meantime, I would love to have someone tell me how to do two things.

  1. Show unread
  2. Mark all read

All I need.


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