Student Pilot Go Around's

I’m not a Pilot first of all, but have an Aviation background both in US Army and Contractor- Grumman Aerospace. That being, there is a FAR Part 61 Section 87- “Solo Requirements for Student Pilots”. Anybody out “there” in the Aviation Forum who is a Flight Instructor/Pilot, here is my Question and please reply:

For a Student Pilot, What is the AVERAGE number of Go-Around’s a Student Pilot will attempt to complete a Landing? Second Question, Do they always “get it right”?

I don’t think anyone has ever compiled a list of “average” go-arounds a student does in pre-solo training. let alone put it into any database. I know I never did.
The answer to the second question is obviously no.

Go-arounds are neither good nor bad.
If the Pilot flying is not happy with the approach then they have an obligation to go around(depending on their abilities).
Numbers are meaningless. It is possible that one student could only ever practice go-arounds (once or twice) when another does 10 or 20 actual go-arounds getting their licence.

There are many reason for go-arounds:-

  1. animals, people, vehicles, aircraft or other objects on the runway
  2. Pilot “Behind” the aircraft and not ready to land
  3. weather issues (wind, rain, dust, snow, sun or glare in eyes etc)
  4. problems with the aircraft, equipment, runway lighting or passengers

Learning what to do when it doesn’t look or feel right is part of the training.

No one should ever be ashamed of doing a go-around(student or ATP).
It is always better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve done 5 actuals in 150 hours of flying.

Practiced maybe 10 with instructors… and 2 in the flight test.