Flight Schools


I know of a few select flight schools that are like puppy mills. They produce pilots at very high volumes year after year. Do you think it’s right to “sell” aviation as if everyone should be doing it? Do you want to share the skies with everyone. In my opinion not everyone needs to be flying an airplane, just like not everyone needs to be driving a car. Some flight schools teach nothing but procedures, so when real life emergencies happen, the pilots are SOL. What do you think about selling aviation to the public?


In your opinion, who exactly SHOULD be flying airplanes? :unamused:

Should we just limit it to doctors, lawyers and businessmen? Should we exclude certain segments of the population from becoming pilots? No technogeeks and no taxi drivers?

Fact is, pilots come from all walks of life! Some are good pilots, others are bad ones. If you were to put the bad pilots under a microscope, you’d find that they all come from all walks of life too.


My question was pertaining more to training. I wasn’t trying to single out any one particular group. Yes everyone should have a chance to share the skies but is training becoming too easy due to teaching procedures only? I guess I think we need to get away from the notion that you cannot tell anyone they are not made to fly. Sometimes I would love to say sorry to piss on your pankcakes sir or mam, but you should take up something else.


I thought that was what the written, oral and practical tests were for.

Fact is that commercial aviation is in its safest decade ever despite growing passenger numbers.

Don’t let a couple of bad apples spoil the bunch. :wink: