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Can you tell why the go-around?

I was out shooting photos to test a lens I got today. I thought I’d add tail numbers to the photos, so went to FA to look at the flight info, since this lens can’t resolve the tail numbers. Interestingly, the arrival order was different from the order the planes passed overhead about 8 miles north of the airport. It looks like that is because of this go-around. Can you tell from the flight path what the reason was?

It could be any of a number of reasons
Animals, aircraft or vehicles on the runway
Approach not stabilized
Requested to by ATC
Gear not down
Flaps or slats not set correctly
Loss of communications with ATC
Issue in the cockpit
Issue with one of the pilots
If at night, laser in the cockpit or other bright lights affecting the pilots
Loss of power in the cockpit
Over landing weight
Try liveatc.net to see if they have the audio for the time of the go around.

Did you even read the question? I asked “from the flight path”. Clearly, from the flight path, it was not at night, so your nighttime suggestion shows you didn’t read the question.

I’m guessing the simple answer is “no, not from the flight path”, which was my question.