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US Airways Flight 1862 Atlanta to Charlotte Approach 3/2/15

I know someone who was on this flight and the approach was waved off and the pilot made a very erratic flight change to circle around for a new approach. Anyone know anything about this event? You can see the flight path on flight aware. Seemed like a crazy sort of avoidance of a mishap, maybe another aircraft departing or landing on the runway so they waved this approach? Send me any opinions. Thanks!

Bill D
USMC (Ret)

Looks like a fairly typical go-around. Not sure what you think is “crazy.” Pilots brief each other on the specific go-around procedures with each landing. Not 100% sure if it’s based solely on runway or approach or both.

They happen for any number of reasons, some of those you listed below. I think I’ve had two or three over the 15 years I’ve been flying for business. I’ve seen a few happen too…

As an 11,000 hour pilot I see nothing “erratic” about that missed approach. It looks like the flight never got below 2000" MSL on the first approach, minimums for the ILS are just under 1000" so I would guess the go around was initiated by ATC for whatever reason. Jim’s right, I see nothing out of the ordinary here.

I found the audio in the LiveATC.net archive. KCLT Tower feed has several frequencies on it. I heard US1862 checkin with the tower and cleared to land. Several minutes later, the next transmission heard was the climb out instructions for US1862. The feed was on another frequency when the go around call was initiated, so it is unknown what the cause was based on the feed audio. The following aircraft landed normally. My guess, the preceeding aircraft probably missed a turnoff and had to go to the next one, spending some extra time on the runway.

I agree, nothing out the ordinary. Happens all the time.