Strange Plane at KROC

Well I just got back into town and i saw an American 757 parked at a gate but not connected to a jet bridge. I was wondering if anybody has any info on why it would be in KROC(since you dont get planes that big in there)?

The Reg is N660AM

This is the second time i have seen an AA 757 at KROC

Looks like it flew up as AAL9425 from Philly as a non-scheduled flight.

Here is the flight in question.

Edit Beaten to the punch.

Edit Looks like it might belong to AA Cargo


Just strange seeing such a big plane there.
Any reason why they used such a big plane?

I could understand if Mr. President was on it, Since he came in Air Force One twice before.

Why would that be? It doesn’t have the same flight number as any of the flights on that schedule.


Just a guess…

Only because Philly is a cargo-drop for AAL and Rochester has a cargo pick-up. And if it wasn’t unloading passengers at a gate, then maybe they’re unloading cargo.

Parked at a gate without the jetbridge connected to it is probably a security measure. If, as mentioned elsewhere, it was a cargo flight, it’s doubtful it would have been at the gate.

The aircraft was a chartered flight. Cargo doesn’t arruve at an airport’s baggage claim area (go to and enter 9425 about halfway down the page).

I entered 9426 into the same box. The flight returns to PHL at 20:30 tonight from gate B7 (the same gate the aircraft arrived at this morning).

Deffinately wasnt a cargo flight B/C the cargo section is on the other side of the airport.

Thanks for all the input. Most likely a charter.
It was just strange seeing it there w/o a jet bridge and in between to gates.


Anytime an aircraft is left at a gate unattended, i.e. overnight (RON) or not actively boarding the jetway is pulled away.
In my experience, when a large aircraft like that is chartered (sports team, concerts, etc.) it will go to the GA ramp if there is room for it. … /KBLI/KBFI
Here is a B190/A. Ya, that’s right, a “/A”. I surprized that it’s not a /G. Also it has a strange track near the JAWBN fix. It doesn’t look like a regular hold though.

Wrong thread again CCX? PUT THE BEER DOWN! :wink:

It’s the recently referred to phenomena where two, and in places three, primary radars are giving conflicting position reports.