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747 @ RFD?

Today at almost exactly 1pm there was a 747 that seemed to be on approach to RFD. I was about 15 miles directly North of RFD and all other traffic (as minimal as it is there) was following the Rock river on the approach. This craft was quite low and seemed to be descending as it went to the south. I checked the airport - no such beast there today??

The plane was mirror on the bottom and blue on the top - oddly, it almost looked like AF1 747. I know it was a 747 for a fact as it had four engines (and was certainly not a 380).

Could this have been a Govt craft going to one of the many Govt contract places? (Woodward, Hamilton Sundstrand et al).

United? Tulip 747?

No United flights to RFD, they go to ORD - unless it was a divert (not to uncommon) but would it not show up? And when a heavy diverts to here it always makes the local news.

United no longer schedules 747’s to ORD. So if it was a divert from ORD then it was likely a cargo flight. However, weather at ORD yesterday was pretty good.

Cargo is here all the time (UPS) - it is just odd to see a 747 here…and have it not on Flight Aware makes it more odd. I almost drove to the airport to see what it was. One second in time I took a right as opposed to a left.

It is much like the many many military craft that do loops here - they do touch and go all day long. Never a record of it on Flight Aware.