747 Over RFD...not on FA? Why?


Today I saw a 747 - not to hard to tell that from any other craft in the air. It was heading north out of RFD and banking to the east. I presumed that it was a landing due to weather or what ever (though the weather was good). So, check out RFD on FA…well, no 747 to be seen.

I am not certain if there are Govt. 747, I am certain that a 747 wont be out there VFR…what could it have been? (I hope not AF1 as I would have flipped it off).


There are certainly military models such as these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_E-4 that could be out cruising around.

Could’ve been a regular old 747 out VFR on a MX test flight or FA anomaly. No reason to put your tin foil hat on.


Tin? Mine is titanium with a double lead membrane.

There are tons of heavies here, frequently. Even the Anatov from time to time, but I always see them on FA. They are building a new hangar that will fit, I understand 4 747’s at once for maintenance…but it is still a skeleton. But, an all white 747…at a place they are darn near never at (unless Ohare has weather)…where is my darn metal hat… :mrgreen:


Actually, come to think of it - that was a few days before (N)Obama was in Chicago…