BA 777 and Richmond, VA (KRIC)

Checking out the NASCAR air force and came across a British Airways 777 into KRIC today. Is this a scheduled service?

Given the 9xxx flight number, I’d guess it’s a charter.

P.S. It’s nice to mention and link to the flight number…

thanks, and how is the link done?

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it was for the Queen of England. It’s all over CNN.

Good call - I actually logged into the forums to see if anyone had tracked her flight and I find it inadvertently. Thanks :slight_smile:

Its here at KNGU today… Naval Station Norfolk/Chambers Field

And now on the way to Kentucky for the Derby

Let’s hope the queen’s pilot leaves on the correct runway…

Churchill Downs is in Louisville, not Lexington.

But the queen flew into Lexington, not Louisville. Next stop, Andrews Air Force Base.

Yes, she flew into KLEX and stayed at the beautiful Lanes End horse farm for a couple days and apparently was driven to the derby.And nows she’s on her way to DC.

Wow. I’m surprised she flew into LEX…I’m a little surprised it can even handle a 772. Sorry, I assumed she few into SDF, seeing as how it handles heavy UPS birds all the time (and that’s where the Derby was).

As the previous post said, she was staying close to the LEX airport. Most of the action takes place in Lexington, except the actual race.

Queen on her way home, will make her tea time!

the 777 just came to bring the queen for the jamestown 400 anniversary going on here.

During Keeneland horse sales there’s a couple private 747’s from Dubai that come to LEX.So a little 772 is no prob. :smiley: Of course some say they are taking more than just horses with them when they leave. :imp: :imp:

I prefer the jet that the Queen used in the past to visit KLEX.

I’m sure the 777 is much more quiet and comfy though.

I’ve seen the UAE 747SP’s @ LEX not to mention Air Force One (VC-25A) and Air Force Two (VC-137). Then again, I’ve flown in on 727’s which probably have a longer roll then all of the above.

Wazzu, you’re probably right about the 727’s roll vs. the others. AF1 has “special abilities” when it comes to TO/landing on short runways, AF2 is a 757, right? The 747SP is a lot lighter than any other 747 (albeit heavier than a '27, but who’s counting?).
I’d bet a dollar that the 772’s roll is longer than ALL of the above.

Wrong. Air Force 2 is ANY plane that the vice president is on. It could be a 747 or a Cessna 150 or anything in between.