Billy Donovan @ UK? (UK is a skewl in Kentucky)


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Not to disagree with you, but just one other reason this flight might be is we are in the middle of horse sale season right now down here. I previously worked at GNV and now at OCF and from experience I can tell you both airports recieve many flights from LEX, and other airports in that area. There is one of the biggest auction/sale occuring this week. We have had a ton of flights of wealthy horsemen trying to by the next Derby winner of stallion this week.

Also if my memory serves me correct there is allways been a fairly routine flight from a FX Challenger to/from GNV from LEX, this might be a substitute.


Tattersol’s? (Maybe that’s just Quarter Horses)

A far as the flight, I don’t know a)why Billy Donovan would be flying to Lexington while he should be coaching his team’s practice for their Final Four Game, especially since I’m sure this would violate his contract with UF, or b) why he would be flying in a Lear owned by Bombardier.


Where is the sale, Florida?


Bombardier’s Flex Jet is a fractional program - competitor to NetJets, etc…


Where is the sale, Florida?



What does this topic have to do with the subject “Billy Donovan @ UK?”. It seems to be all about Florida and a flight between LEX and GNV, not the UK.


UK = University of Kentucky



There has been many rumors that Billy is being pitched a job at Kentucky. Even though we have been told down here (Central Florida)and from Billy himself that he will not leave, but money talks. The last I read in a local paer is he refused to even talk with them (Kentucky) until the season is over, win or lose.


Thanks for the clarification.

That makes sense. I see UK and think United Kingdom.

This points out why an abbreviation should be “unabbreviated” the first time it’s used, especially in a subject line where the abbreviation isn’t used in the body of the message.

I just wonder how many others thought UK meant United Kingdom and not the University of Kentucky.


Rumor is Billy D will be named as UK Head Coach at a press conf next Tuesday.


I did, and I am surrounded by “UK” fans. Must be a defense mechanism.


Where is the sale, Florida?


To really take this off topic:
Scooter: Is there a large Thoroughbred presence in Ocala? I know there are some HUGE names (and expensive ranches) in Quarter Horses down there. Beautiful area. The view of rolling pastures and white split-rail fencing along I-75 reminds me of Kentucky…+ palm trees, ~30 extra degrees farenheit, and spanish moss, of course. :smiley:


I did. Now that I see it has something to do with college sports I am even less interested. :laughing:


Aw, c’mon! College football blows the NFL away with its tradition, pageantry, and the urgency of every game…and fewer felons. :smiley: I’m not nearly as big on basketball though. I take it you don’t follow sports at all?

I don’t know if you guys watch the news, but this Billy Donovan thing has been on the LOCAL news for days now, and I don’t live in Kentucky OR Florida…kinda hard to miss here. Some of it may have to do with the excitement surrounding the Buckeyes, who are still dancing, hopefully into Monday’s championship game.

[Translation: The NCAA tournament (“March Madness”) is also known as “the Big Dance.” Hence the “dancing” remark. :wink:]


Yep, and Nick Saban said he wasn’t going to coach Alabama, either :wink:


Not for several years.
I stopped watching basebell after the second strike
I stopped watching basketball after what’s-his-name choked his coach and got away with it.
I stopped watching football when the players would make a nomal run of the mill play then get up and dance in celebration.
College athletics is not quite as bad but it is getting worse.


I agree on your view of the pros! Thank God pro pilots don’t act like that… all of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you kidding? After nailing an ILS approach to minimums and greasing the landing the captain and I give eachother high-fives and bump chests!

We save the ass-smacks for after the pax leave though… :unamused:


Agreed and agreed. I haven’t given up on the college game(s) completely yet. Some people think that the leagues cracking down on end zone celebrations, etc. takes the fun out of the game, but I disagree. I DO think that kids who score the game-winning TD in a gut-wrenching game shouldn’t be penalized for piling up on each other in the end zone. The celebration dances though, are another story. They seem to indicate that sportsmanship is being replaced by gamesmanship, which makes me want to puke. Wonder why today’s kids are called the “Me” generation??

BTW: I haven’t seen one quote from “Billy D.” saying he won’t leave, just that he hasn’t talked to anybody about anything yet, and that he and his family are happy in Gainesville. Talk about leaving the hangar door open…