Boeing 757 into KPTK

Found a boeing 757-200 flying into local airport KPTK which typically does not see airplanes of this size coming into the airport. Any idea what this is like a sports charter perhaps?

North American Airlines 757-200 EWR-PTK … /KEWR/KPTK

It’s Springsteen for his concert tonight…

What happened to AC Jetz?

Broke the rules, got caught and punished.

They got all that worked out.

As long as they don’t pick up or drop off anybody along the way, they can fly here again and we can do the same up there.

U2 used Jetz for their tour that ended a couple weeks ago and there was a Jetz 320 sitting at MSY last week with the Raptors. After leaving here, it went to DAL, then SAT then back to YYZ.

I know Bruce will use them whenever possible, maybe they were tied up with the NHL and NBA.

Bruce may be confused anyways…
Didn’t even know where he was while playing in Michigan. READ THIS :open_mouth: