Strange day in the aviation job arena


No doubt we will be seeing more of this:
Yesterday United. Today Continental cuts 3000 jobs, Spirit hints at big cuts etc.
On the other hand Hawaiian is expanding, adding 4 717’s and even puts a 767 on intra-island service pending arrival of the 717s. They have already hired a bunch of ex Aloha people.
I just ran across an ad for some start up cargo airline on the west coast looking for sixteen B 727 crews. They only want 3000TT for the Captains. Is there a website for ex Champion crews available for work?


It just makes me cringe seeing these things. :cry:


I’ve been through several cycles now, we always come back. So far this downturn doesn’t seem as bad as some, it seems like there are still jobs available if you have much experience. Lets hope it stays that way.