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Still in Starter plan after requesting to upgrade my FlightXML3 plan to Gold

I have requested to upgrade my plan to Gold in Pricing page of FlightXML Version 3.0 Beta. I have filled in the billing address and credit card info, and the request was submitted. But I am not seeing any changes, and I am still in Starter plan in Pricing page.
And I have also generated an v3 API key previously. After upgrading to Gold plan, do I have to generate another API key, or the previously generated key will be upgraded to use the new plan automatically? It prompts “An error has occured while creating the key. Try again later.” while I am trying to generate another v3 API key.

Can you please try attempting the upgrade process again? It looks like your billing method was saved, but an actual plan change wasn’t.

Your subscription level can be changed here by clicking the desired upgrade button.

Thanks a lot for replying. But before continuing I still have a couple of questions. Would you please help me figure out?

  1. I want to upgrade to Gold plan from Starter plan immediately. I do not want to wait for the start of another billing cycle, and I do not want that I have to exhaust my current query quota in Starter plan. Could the Gold plan apply immediately?

  2. In signup page, the following two options are available:

Upgrade my account automatically to the next billing tier
Restrict my ability to query until my next billing cycle

Which option should I choose so that what I wanted in point 1 can be achieved?

  1. If a do the upgrade process for another time, can I be sure that I will not be billed twice monthly? Will the first request be cancelled automatically?

  2. I assume that the query quota number for each plan is reset monthly, so the number of queries I consume every month is not cumulative. Is that correct?