Not able to create API Key for Flight XML 3

We deleted the current API key for XML 3. And now when we try to create it again, we get this error: “An error has occured while created the key. Try again later.”

Our username is “vipcars1”.

Also, we were not able to retrieve data for “AirlineFlightSchedules”.


We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. We will have our developers assist in getting an additional key added on your account. If you are on an tier that is less than Silver, you will not be able to make queries against AirlineFlightSchedules.

Where is that documented?

You can find what queries are available on each tier at the following link. AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware

Can you re-enable our API key for XML 3? Also please upgrade it to Silver. Thanks!
Username: vipcars1

Be we are talking about FlightXML3 methods, not FlightXml2 methods… Where is that map on each tier and the queries?

I have reenabled the key. You will need to login to your account and do the upgrade as there are some questions and terms to agree to. You can upgrade to Silver at the following link once you login. AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware

On the pricing link above, you can see the tiers and which queries are available at each tier.

Come on, are you joking with me? Did you understood my question? Or am I blind that I can’t see FlightXML 3, not 2, but 3 methods and their correspondent tier?

I may not be understanding everything you are referring to, but this is both of the products on the same page.

FlightXML 3 on top of the page.

FlightXML 2 under that.

Please, let another colleague answer this question.
There’s no mapping between Flightxml3 methods and the package subscribed (Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)… My question is just about this!

Currently for XML 3, as shown in the screenshot above, we show the packages that we offer as well as what each plan includes. We don’t have a layout or mapping of XML 3 methods just yet. However, if you have any specific questions regarding any of the methods or calls that are available for each plan, please let us know and we would be happy to explain it.

Finally, someone who understood my question and admited you dont have any mapping between methods/calls that are available for each plan!
You understand that as client point of view, not knowing that information, it is a bad thing, because we are assuming things we dont know, or dont know what we will get available to use till we try all the methods one by one and in combination of query parameters, to get more or less information… It is just confusion, not clear. For example, how we will use the not yet available flight map methods?

I’m asking you, if you can release, even a not finished table because you are still working on it (Beta phase with no expected date to be ready to release stable version :\ ) with that mapping between plan and methodsavalable for each plan. Please inform somehow future clients with that information, what you have in mind to…

Thanks @Stephenemaciolek

I am happy you received the response you were looking for. It does however appear that this was asked (by you) and answered (by me) about a month ago.
Missing clarity on what each plan includes and permits and API documentation - #3 by pribeirojit.

That being said, there is a solution in the works that will provide additional insight.

Yes, I forgot that previous post when asked here again.
Well, that beeing said, I’m still waiting for that clarity beeing provided. I’m sure it will be benefic for you and clients /pretended ones.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a solution that is coming in the near future.

Closed topic as the original request was completed.