FXML 3 enable auto-upgrade?

When I initially signed up, I had set auto-upgrade to Off. However, while developing an application I burned through most of my API queries much quicker than anticipated and I’d like to upgrade my tier for the rest of this billing cycle.

I’ve entered billing information, however I can’t find the setting option to change this. Do I need to re-sign up at the Bronze tier? I’ve tried several things but none appear to work so far.

You may upgrade at the following link.

Hi cbw, I don’t necessarily want to upgrade to Bronze permanently, I just want the Auto-Upgrade option to be enabled on my Starter+ pricing plan.

I’ve had to upgrade to Bronze for now, as it appears to be the only possible way to unlock the API once again. I’ll attempt to down-grade back to Starter+ in a few days as I should be able to stay within the query range limit. Previously all my attempts to enable Auto-Upgrade on the pricing page made no changes.

If you upgrade through the pricing page or through the auto upgrade feature, you will continue to be on the upgraded plan upon renewal, unless you manually downgrade to a lowered tiered plan. I can enable the auto upgrade for you if you would like and I will put in a ticket about the feature not currently working for you at this time.

Sure, if you can enable auto-upgrade for starter+ and put in a ticket that would be great.

I tried to downgrade back to starter (with the autoupgrade option enabled) but it still doesn’t seem to make a difference. All is well for now though, I’ll watch it over the next couple weeks. Thanks for the help!