Stats PP feed vs FA feed

@flightaware staff mainly

the images are from the same RPi which feeds FA directly and via PP in desktop PC.
can you please advise why the differences ?

PP appears more accurate and more far distant planes but half the traffic.

the FA is always a “normal ladder” decreasing in distance and fewer distant planes.
besides the MLAT traffic, are there positions dropped in favor of a receiver closer to aircraft ?


since FA staff are reluctant to reply (3 days later) , does anybody else have any idea ?

It sounds like you have two different receivers and antennas. There can be differences in USB dongles for example. However most notably you are using two different software decoders which feed data differently to FlightAware. PiAware is open source. PlanePlotter is a third party application and we have no direct control over how its decoder works and how data is fed back to FlightAware. Unfortunately this is a difficult question to answer with many variables.

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hi Eric
thanks for your reply.
actually the setup as follows :

cantenna → nooelec dongle → RPi → dump1090-mutability → FA direct feed (wifi)
___________________________________ 30005
___________________________________ |-----> PP on PC -----> sharing -----> FA feed (wifi)

so yes 2 decoders but same antenna and dongle.
not sure if PP is decoding and feeding or just feeding.