planeplotter vs flightAware

ok so i have plane plotter and flightaware running. i see alot more planes on PP than on FA, i do share my PP with FA. on the FA side i have all the recommended products from the antenna, filter to the module. i have a preamp installled because mi cable run is 80+ft. what can i do to change this… any and all help would be great… thanks … mainescanner

In PP you can control the timeout of aircraft showing. When you lose signal they remain on screen until the delete after time.

yup i understand that. but the amount of planes i see and share on PP is far more than FA, just wondering what i can change to make FA more like PP as far as shares…

This seemed as good as any other spot to post this, not trying to hi-jack the thread.
I figure asking here will save me some climbing around and frustration.

Homebrewed collinear GP vertical is @ 725ft ASL with no obstructions, small 20dB gain/.7 dB NF LNA at the antenna, with a Bias-Tee feeding 42ft of quad shield 75ohm RG-6 Bias-Tee for DC power. I have a 0 dB pad between the RG-6 and USB dongle (only so the dongle sees 50 ohms). Using the decoder manual gain value to adjust for good data.
Furthest range - 261 miles, from an A/C @ FltLvl 520, it was military, so I didn’t question the altitude.

I’ve been testing using VRS with a number of decoder programs on an old netbook I upgraded to Windoze 10.
I monitored and watched for consistency before signing-up to feed the data.

After figuring out the various decoders; dump1090, mr-dump1090, RTL1090 and FR24* and getting them working together with VRS, Planeplotter & Planefinder, while I have them working, I’m not seeing the A/C on the websites like I used to just looking at VRS (whether on the local port or from the internet).
*I’m waiting for FR to reply to additional questions I presented on errors I found.

Right now I’m using VRS as a server and PP to feed FA and FR24, although I’m not sure FR24 is taking the data since they want their own software package used.

I’m concerned has something gone bad up top,is the software doing anything, is the higher number of A/C on my local screen when compared to FA, PF and FR to be expected and normal?