Spirit Airlines 837 missing??

Lots of rumors been flying around recently. Plane doesn’t appear to have landed either?

inquisitr.com/44141/explosio … light-837/

Just recently they have confirmed that there’s been an explosion at a fuel warehouse

“The explosion was from a Gulf gasoline warehouse called Caribbean Petroleum Corporations. The fire raged at around 12:30 am Friday morning, October 23. There were no deaths at the site. Some motorists were injured when their windscreens cracked and they were hit by the glass. The Caribbean petroleum center is being secured to contain the fire.”

Hmm all very mysterious…

Ahh! The article has changed. Apparently caused by a small plane. But still where on earth is that Spirit Airlines flight?!?

They must have some kind of world exclusive because no other news source knows about either aircraft.

Also mentioned HERE.

Also no further information about the missing plane. Who cares about the plane??? OMG!!! 11 tanks of gasoline exploded and are going up in flames! :smiling_imp:

Fuel prices in PR just went up

Our guys just payed $2.99\gallon there late last night… Sweet!

The flight seems to have landed in San Juan, more or less on time.

This is the flight you’re talking about, right?


What makes you think that it might be missing?