Spanair MD-83 North Atlantic

Is this a new flight?

Yes, … /LPAZ/KBGR is a new filght. No, it’s not a scheduled flight or a charter flight. It’s more than likely that the aircraft is going to storage at MZJ or another boneyard. Stay tuned to that flight’s tracking page for further details.

I noticed a Malaysian Airlines System (!) B738 flying out of Lake City to Bangor this week. It must have been in for maintenance or paint work. This could be what the Spanair flight is doing.

good point. Although I can’t see why they can’t paint them in thier own countries or nearer airports-not that that’s a problem or anything

I see what you’re saying. Malaysia and Florida are about as far apart as can be on the planet.

Based on a previous flight, I’m pretty sure the Spanair flight is going to MZJ. Take a look at the flight history of JKK8708

awaiting departure…

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Marana bound: … /KBGR/KMZJ

Another one coming out of Indy: … /KIND/KMZJ

Thanks for that.

What’s with the duct tape below the vertical stab? :laughing:

Is there anything speed tape can’t fix? :slight_smile:

Apparently not! :open_mouth:

Obviously didn’t use enough.

It was commonplace to see it used as a rain stopper around the cockpit
windows, but whenever I saw it anywhere on the fuselage or engine nacelles
it always called for a closer inspection.

We had a contract mechanic who had escaped from East Germany and who
was absolutely enraptured with our MILSPEC stuff. He attempted to use it
everywhere, especially to hold his Trabant together. On more than one
occasion he swore to our CO with a straight face that all he used on his car
was the used stuff he had pulled off our aircraft as he made permanent
repairs. :unamused:

lol, they say duct tape fixes everything, but i never knew they truely meant it LMFAO

Good ol’ Kentucky Chrome! You mean to tell me it’s not approved for structural repairs?