Souls On Board (SOB)

Is this info available for tail numbers? I looked everywhere on the flight tracking screen.

Welcome to Flight Aware unc879wins.

Answer to your question would be no per

You may want to scroll up within my provided link above to see other frequently asked questions about Flight Aware.

Sorry to sound like a jerk to a newbie but that question sure sounds “stalkerish”

Or ghoulish :stuck_out_tongue: as most want to know how many people are onboard.

Aren’t we all stalkers?

That is one of the pieces of information that is stored when a flight plan is filed but does not get transmitted to ATC. So Flight Aware would never receive it.

John in Saudi

I remember when flying air mortuary we used to file as “2 positive, 1 negative”. Now that’s ghoulish!

Ohhhh, never thought about that. I guess you would have to account for three bodies should it had been in your un-intended destination to meet up with the negative.

Do you put the negative in remarks of the flight plan or is that a special call sign for “delivery”?