Sort Capabilities


Would it be very hard to add a sort feature to this forum for showing the latest post dates?




I think he is talking about sorting the board to show newest posts at the top rather than scrolling all the way down to the bottom.

That being said, and if I am wrong, someone correct me, I don’t think Daniel and crew have much control over the overall setup of this board. They can do the basics, but I don’t think they can get that deep into the format.


Clicking on View posts since last visit at the opening page will give you a post date/time sorted list of all posts since your last visit.

If that’s not what the OP is seeking, then I’m still lost and don’t understand the question.


Not “huh?” but WHY? I find it’s much better to have the postings in chronological order. If you want to see new postings, just hit the “end” key to go to the end.


I gotta’ say that I think you’re both being presumptuous to think that the OP is asking to implement something so stupid as to invert the posts so that the latest post shows FIRST in each thread.

So, GraySky, could you elaborate a bit more as to what exactly you’re looking for?


I’ve been on boards that are both ways. Latest post first and last. I personally prefer last because that way, if I hit a topic after there have been quite a few posts, I don’t have to go to the end of the thread to see what the original post was all about since we all know that multiple topics can be thrown into one thread. Now GS may prefer the other way. I guess it would be a request for a choice in the prefs. for each member, latest post first or last.

Also, JHEM, saying it was a stupid idea just officially made your post “inane”…


I like the latest last because, silly me, I read that way. I don’t read a book from last page to first page. Like I said, all you have to do is hit the “end” key to go to the end quickly.


I think you should look up that word Pik, I fail to see how my post is lacking in substance.

My personal opinion is that inverted threads, like top posting in NGs, is stupid.

Again, I don’t believe that GraySky was asking for an inversion of post threads.

Just click on the small icon at the left of each new post listing and you’ll automatically be taken to the last post in the thread.


Neat-o. (I’m easily amused so something like this will keep me occupied for hours!)

I’ll give that a try when I see a new posting.


It’s a Hyperlink “View newest post” command.

Works very well when you want to skip having to scroll through all the posts and replies in some of our three page, thrice off-topic, screeds.


Off-topic? Thrice off-topic? Thou jested that topics here ever get off-topic!


Respond to the initial thrust in riposte?

Disambiguation in order to achieve a circuitous response?

I guess we need some more ways of not using the dreaded “Off-topic” word!

That’s it! The “O” word!


Sorry to confuse everyone. Basically, I was just curious if it was possible to see the latest post at the top. If you had a sort button, you could decide which way you liked to read the posts. Didn’t know if it was possible but, was just curious. Sorry to get everyone riled up over such a small question.


GS, that wasn’t riled up. That was dami and JHEM being, well, dami and JHEM. We like to think of them as “special.”

As far as what you were trying to say in your original post…dami, I TOLD YOU SO!!!