Photos - What's up with the Sort Order?

Something has been different for about one week with the way a user’s photos are displayed (all photos for one user, displayed as thumbnails).

When I click on the link to display my own photos, sometimes they appear with the most recent shots first. Other times, they appear in some other order, with highly viewed or highly rated photos appearing first.

And here’s the confusing part: If I’m looking at them in the order of newest shots first, and then move to page 2, the order changes again.

It’s very random and confusing - and there doesn’t seem to be any way to control it.

If you click on this link once, you’ll get one result. But if you hit refresh, the images re-sort. Hit refresh again, and they re-sort again. Weird!;user=concord977

Yes you are right, and this is a bug. It’s the result of some partial development of the user photos pages, which got on our production site too soon. We have a lot we want to do with the photos area and you’ll be seeing quite a few changes as early as next week.

Hang in there please, and photo sorting issues will be resolved soon. If you have any ideas about how you think things should work, please let me know, I’m always very interested.

Thank you for your feedback!



It would be great to have a small drop-down box (or a few links) that allow the viewer to “sort by” date, views, rating, registration, etc.

I realize that’s no small task, though.

When the bug is fixed, if it must diplay by only one sort criteria, I’d definitely go with most recently uploaded photos on the first page.

Thanks for being open to feedback.


I agree – a user would expect to see their photos sorted by upload date, and that is what we should show them to avoid confusion. But if I’m viewing another user’s photos, I might want to see the most popular by default, and it not being sorted by date would not be as confusing to me. So I’m trying to figure out a good way to have that view flexibility.

Thanks again for your feedback!!!