Photo Dumping

Just curious, are there any guidelines regarding photo dumping? It’s a little frustrating to put up a picture or two that you want to share, only to come back a few hours later and find that it’s been buried under 31 pages of a single user’s photos.

We encourage users to upload all relevant photos, but we intentionally default the selection to display quality over quantity. starts with staff picks selection and even if you change it to select todays or this weeks uploads the default sort order is by votes, not by upload date.

Well, a photo would need to be picked as a staff pick in order for it to fall into the default display you talk of. However, if your photo has been sandbagged back behind some 35 pages of new photos because one person decides they want to dump nearly 900 pictures onto the website, how likely is your photo to be reviewed at all by the staff? In addition, what would be considered relevant? Obviously, having an aircraft in the photo counts for something, but does the photo need to be tagged in order to consider it relevant?

We have a few different staff members looking at photos in different ways, and they all recognize when someone uploads hundreds at the same time.

We allow any relevant photo, broadly defined, to be uploaded. Staff pics look for great photos and great content.

Holy Crap! :open_mouth: I though you were exaggerating! And they’ve been a member for a whole 8 hours! :laughing: It took me 4-5 years to get my 1200th :imp:

I’ve been a member for about 2½ years and I’m not at 300 pictures uploaded yet, but that’s because I try and go out of my way to get tail number information, etc., before I put my picture up. I’ve only got a couple of pictures up that aren’t tagged, and that’s usually because the aircraft’s number was obscured or too far away to see.
Maybe I’m just being picky. Other photo sites that I’ve been on tend to be the type that once your photo gets pushed past the first page or two, it’s a forgotten relic. I hope it’s not that way here.

Tagging helps your photos get found/seen/upvoted.

One thing to remember, FlightAware is a FREE site for us to post aviation photos, as many as we want to. I post on a few other sites and I can tell you your photos will get more views here than say Flickr or Airport-data! Flickr has a 200 photo limit unless you pay per year, Airport-data implemented some new rules recently that deal with the ‘dumping issue’ some were pissed, one deleted all his photos :unamused: but it’s a free site, take it or leave it. :wink:

As far as a photo becoming a ‘relic’, hope that it becomes a legend, meaning when someone looks at an aircrafts tracking page, your photo of the aircraft is on that page!!

We definitely want all photos to be tagged – that is the best way to get exposure on flight tracking pages and elsewhere. We hope everyone uploading photos will go back and tag them. However, we’re also working on ways of “crowd sourcing” the photo tagging to dramatically improve the quantity and quality of tags.

All things said, I understand where you guys are coming from, but I think I’ll wait awhile before posting any new photos, at least until the guy with the need to dump 2300 photos in 24 hours, and still dumping, is done.