Limits on photo uploads


Hi all,
So I’ve been noticing an increase in photos of people who just upload there whole load, and some of the photos you can not make anything out. They upload 100-200 Photos and for the people who upload one great photo, wont been seen becuase of all the photos that aren’t that great. What I would like to see (and a lot of other’s to) Is maybe a upload limit that would limit some one to upload 15-20 photos per day, so we can cut back on some of the crap ones and we can see the good ones to.


…or at least have to input some info into the boxes before they get uploaded.


I agree Colin, the trouble is that FlightAware doesn’t have and isn’t willing to devote the time and resources to baby sit clowns on a daily basis. The people that do this just want that gold star next to their name.
It’s all about simple satisfaction for simple people.
It’s too bad that everyone has to wade through columns and columns of repetitious and boring shots of the same planes from the same angle with no information, or out of focus and fuzzy shots of planes we’ve all seen hundreds of times in our lives. Some people seem to think that if I shot it, it must be great and it deserves to be on the internet. Real photographers whether they’re an amateur or not, will tell you that out of all the hundreds and hundreds of photos that they shoot, only a small minority of their shots are really good enough to share online. They weed out the not so good ones and post the best of the bunch.
Until FlightAware devotes the time to police these clowns, we’ll have to put up with the waste of our space and time.


Now you all made me feel bad… lol I realize what I think is interesting may not be to others… I’m old… I like to share my hobby. I only have a few “There I was” stories to share so sharing my photography is about all I have left…


I agree Too , sometimes my hair getting stand straight when i see soms uploads .
Lots of wasted webspace by blurry , Too far away , upside Down etc photos .
For soms It looks more important the amount than the quality, I have the most pictures!!! But they look ugly
Some people send even just a screenshot of whole their desktop!
There are pictures where planes looks like ufo’s you can not yet see which airline or aircraft it is
Maybe a maximum amount of 5 pictures from every registration nr / photographer ? And a maximum value pictures with unknown registration example 20 . I am sure you will think first before just uploading.


I agree. I have close to 6000 uploads and I will not post a photo that is not crisp and clear and will not post a photo without the info boxes filled out. If it’s something F/A does not have a code for, I will go on the FAA website and copy and paste the info in the description box. The almost 6000 photos, EVERY ONE HAS THE AIRCRAFT INFO, AIRPORT, ETC; These people that are shooting photos at 40,000 feet and using the F/A app to see what plane in above them is crap because the photos are crap! Should not be allowed on here. One person in particular will post a full page of these crap blurred photos and it drops the nice crisp photos down a page and it’s just not right. And the people that post nice photos but will not fill in any of the info boxes. F/A needs to set some rules for posting because it makes the F/A photo page a joke! PLEASE F/A don’t let these post fall on deaf ears.