FlightAware Photos Beta


Today’s late Friday feature release is our new photo system in beta.

Upload, tag, and rate away!


That’s great… Now if I can get some good shots to contribute :unamused:


Click on a tagged pic and view its recent history. NICE!
Would it be possible to also add a caption, in addition to the tag?


Hmmm, as of 8:16 p.m. central time, unable to access. Using Firefox if this makes any difference?

Bottom sez waiting for Flight Aware but no response.

No problems accessing Flight Aware or discussion forums…


It was the same for me on IE7. It seemed to work fine at first, then nothing.


Looks like a system outage? Flight aware was down for the count just a few minutes ago.


2221 Eastern, unable to access. Symphony, IE7 and Firefox.



Well that didn’t take long to break.


From the upload page:

Once you’ve uploaded your image, you’ll be given an opportunity to tag the phone with the aircraft registration, type, location, etc.

A new meaning to “phone tag?” 8)

Also, is there a file size limit? The pics from my camera are usually way over 1 MB, and I’m still trying to figure out how to downsize.


It’s back!


Sure is! NICE!

Couple of suggestions

Could you build in a search feature to see if a tail number has been submitted?

And when a tail number has been submitted, maybe get it back to the tail number tracking page somehow as a link or a thumbnail on that page? Food for thought… My tail number (N1943L) has been uploaded if you need one to putz around with this thought.

Add a date uploaded on the results screen.

And maybe screen out the photos uploaded prior to your last log on or maybe an option photos uploaded since last log on?

Balloon instructions on fields would be nice. I wasn’t sure if you were looking for BE23 or Beech Sundowner or Sundowner as type. Instructions may promote continuity between pictures in the instructions.

For those that may not realize this, there is a link from flightaware.com/resources/ at the bottom and they don’t have to come to this thread to access.



Lots of freeware programs out there. Look into Irfanview. This allows downsizing in batches without opening each and every picture.

If you have this program, click file, Batch Conversion, then go to set advance options click Resize, and set new size as 50 percent. My experiences is that the file size shrink nicely and with 50 percent, no visual lose of resolution or any distortion.

Plus after doing that, people viewing your picture do not have to scroll horizontally to view the picture.


QB, another vote for Irfanview, I’ve been using it since version 1 in 1996 and it’s one of the mandatory programs I install whenever I’m setting up a new computer.

You can make your pics smaller data files on your camera to begin with by reducing the image size, or you can use Irfanview to reduce the data file size by resizing each image. My Nikon D100 makes enormous pics because of its native resolution (~3 to 4MB each) which resize very nicely in Irfanview to UXGA size (1600 x 1200) and ~700KB or less.

Mark, the photos Beta looks very interesting. Are the photos going to be topical or just a hodge-podge?


The photo section as been axed I guess, but Flightaware has been poor for days now …screen keeps breaking up and not showing any aircraft…


Working perfectly here at 10:26 a.m. Central time. What is your bandwidth? That may impair performance, as well as your browser performance (clear cache and such).

I just tested it in Opera, MSIE 7.0 and Firefox. Last successful upload appears to be mine, I saw 7 boxes with the statement photos missing, which either the upload failed or it’s in the processing stage.

Keep in mind, Mark said it’s Beta which means work in progress. :astonished:


The photo section was working yesterday for a short period of time, I have emptied cache and rebooted, but still nothing …

I am also not getting hardy any (but some) aircraft on my radar screen for my area (Indy Center) …

Could the problem be related …can flightaware have an outage just in certain areas ??

Had trouble with Flightaware for quite a few days now…

Still no photo’s or proper amount of movements

Cheers Mike D Kentucky


As JHEM suggested, change the picture size on your camera. Look for the settings menu - it should be in there. If you have a Sony or a Panasonic, look in the manual. I’ve found they both have very good manuals.

If you don’t have the owner’s manual for the camera, you may be able to find it online. Just enter the camera’s make and model number and the word “manual” Google (e.g. sony dsc-p30 manual). Or, if you want to, you can send me a private message and I’ll look it up for you.

I’ve found that for most purposes, pictures with a size of 640 x 480 come out very good. You can also get more pictures per storage device using 640 x 480.


I hope eventually there will be categories listed.

I hope the navigation menu will be changed from

previous next


previous 2 3 4 … Next


I entered data on the two pictures I uploaded. I can see that data but I can’t see it for other pictures.

I’d like to be able to see the description. Will this data and the other data for a picture be available for searching on?


I’ve noticed a few pics of planes in the Houston area (West Houston airport, etc)…are these some of the staff chariots??

Thanks guys for the replies regarding downsizing, I’ll take a look. What makes things great about the camera is I don’t have to power up and deal with USB cable to upload. The memory card fits in the slot on my laptop. Makes it soooooooo much better.