Photo comments?


I think it would be nce to be able to leave comments about photos posted on flightaware. I’ve seen some really nice shots lately and would like to be able tocomment on them. I’d also like to hear any feedback from other users about my photos.

Commenting on photos?

Everyone of your photos are great! Just what’s up with the last two? :confused:


My son shot these pics of the sunset at my daughter’s house on a day that I’d been out shooting approaches at KGMU and I didn’t realize they were in the folder until I’d already uploaded them. Too bad there wasn’t a nice vapor trail from a B744 through the middle of that sky huh?


Oh OK. Yeah that would be nice to have 747 flying through it! :wink:


I second the photo comment idea. I want to know what people think about my photos.


Have you read any youtube comments lately?


I think FlightAware users are a little more civil than Youtube users. (If that’s what you mean.)


You’ve got some nice views there. Couple things I would suggest.

First - remove the date stamp from your camera, it’s distracting and makes the photo more "snapshot-ish"
Second - do some cropping of the images. Cut it tight around the interesting parts (the plane) and eliminate the extraneous material.
Third - practice with different exposure settings on your camera. What are you using, DSLR or point & shoot?

Hope I’m nicer than your average “YouTuber”!


Yes, you are nicer than most “YouTubers”. Thanks for the suggestions, I just tried cropping my two most recent photos, and they look much better. I use a Nikon P90.


I think this should be a poll. That way we could see how many people want to be able to comment on photos.


I completely agree. Having photo comments would help the user who posted the picture get improved shots or can help the user fill in some info on the airplane that they got the picture of.


So two years later and we still can’t make comments. Why not? Someone posted a pictures of only who know’s what yesterday and I wanted to ask what it was.


I will sometimes give a poor vote for photos that are without any description. An ability to comment might help posters to understand why we don’t like or do like a photo. I have only posted a few photos, but I try to post some identifying info.


I also give a low score for no description, but I also take into account the quality of the photo. Like if the plane is not centered properly, or cut off, hard to see, blurry. If it looks nice, or the pictures is just plain cool, I’ll give a good score.


I’ll give this a +1, comments would be great for the community as a whole.


What is and is not a good photo can be very subjective, especially composition… Sometimes having the acft off center gives it a different perspective. Cropping can work if the final cut is sharp… For the most part, I enjoy the photos here. I will say that I do not like the HDR stuff… And as mentioned above, I believe they should be some basic required info for each photo… Comments for the image would be cool too…



Yet, due to lack of comments, the poster doesn’t understand why he has low votes.


I like the photo comments. In my account in the notifications tab, there is an option to be notified when someone comments on my photos. I check that option, click save and go out of the tab. Then I go right back to the notifications tab and the option is unchecked!
What’s the deal?? Is it a bug that hasn’t gotten worked out or what? Or am i not doing something right??


Any solution?

Hate to say it but FlightAware’s picture section is not up to par as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Need to improve the search function. For example, it would be nice to be able to search by airline AND aircraft.
  2. Get rid of the popover that shows the number of votes when viewing all pictures - it’s very annoying!
  3. The “free form” search isn’t really free form. It allows you to pick 1 category and search within that category. Try, for example, entering “FAA” in this so-called free form search box and you won’t come up with anything. Another example: You should be able to get ALL aircraft with a registration that contains 1 in the registration when you enter that number into the free form search. However, you don’t!

FlightAware does a pretty good job of tracking flights. For the life of me I don’t understand why they felt the need to have a photo section. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was done along the lines of the two sites I mentioned above but, unfortunately, it’s not.