Commenting on photos?


I think the flight aware staff should make a comments section for the photos. I’ve seen a lot of photos on here that I want to ask the photographer how he/she did it and so on. :smiley:


I second that.

I also suggest comments could be user moderated. Tags (tail, type, airport, airline) could also be suggested by other users and moderated by picture’s owner.


Please search the forums before posting, there’s already a thread on this: … 10249.html


Problem is, that one has been dead for over 2 years. It’s time to bring it up again.


Try sending a PM, maybe they will see it when they log in.


Couldn’t agree more! Would be a nice feature


I looked at the other thread and it went no where, plus i replied to it. But I agree lets bring this up again for the option to leave comments. What if you cant tell what it is, how do you find out?