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Hey guys, on some of the longer threads it would be nice to have the View previous topic :: View next topic at the bottom also so I don’t have to scroll back to the top. Is that possible to add?

I’ve asked for that also.

We’ll look into modifying phpBB.

Are you guys just trying to read all the new posts? I’d suggest using the forums RSS feed for that.

I just go through and click where it’s lit up. :slight_smile:

I’m with dbaker on that one! :laughing:

Actually, I use RSS for the forums and show the results in a “My Yahoo” reader. It only shows the first few lines of each post. That may be a Yahoo preference not to show full text. However, I have so many RSS feeds to “My Yahoo” that full text on each would blow me away.

Yes, I try to read all new posts. They are ALL interesting.

i didnt even know about the RSS feed for these forums, very cool


Tobyz1 wrote:

I’ve asked for that also.

Hey Tobyz1,
How did I manage to miss that…and in big blue block letters? :open_mouth: I read all the posts too, and sometimes I’m back and forth in search of something (not anything the search button necessarily helps with) so, yes, having the topic buttons at the beginning and end would help.

phpBB also drives me bananas. Now, if you could hook up an NNTP feed, I’d be all set!

Not that I’m any expert, but I thoroughly the ease of using phpBB. The only comment I’ve made is that we need another **Previous Topic : Next Topic **at the bottom of the postings.

It’d be cool if you could connect to it with a news reader without having to run a news server, of course, I don’t know if there’s an NNTP module for phpBB.