Sorry Sir.....the earliest flight is Dec. 26.


News out of Montreal CYUL last night. December 16th.

Air Canada passengers flying from Edmonton / Calgary enroute to Deer Lake CYDF were stranded at CYUL last night due to cancellation of final leg of the flight, ACA 652. Many cancelations Sunday due to weather.

Once notified of the cancellation, passengers were told by Air Canada agent they would be placed in the next ’ available ’ seat, DECEMBER 26th! No compensation was offered.

Though they might get out earlier, certainly is a great way to spend the week before Christmas. :wink:

no news link… just got the word from someone at CYUL.


the next availability on THAT flight is probably dec 26th because it doesn’t operate every day.

Most of the passengers will probably be rebooked through Halifax where there are 5 flights a day (with 224 total seats) to YDF. They could also be rebooked through St. Johns if they get a waiver to book on Air Labrador.


You ’ must ’ be from Air Canada. :wink:

Bring back the direct CYDF / CYUL flights. Early morning departure from CYDF and late departure from CYUL save me ( and others ) two full days of travel. I could have breakfast at home, spend day in Montreal, and have late night snack just before bed back at my own home. :slight_smile:

Just ranting in case you are managment.


No, I’m not Air Canada management. I’m management at a major US airline (and have worked for another) and just extrapolating the rebook procedures we use to what Air Canada probably uses.


Ok. You’re excused.