Money to burn with Air Canada. $10000 domestic ticket.


I was just booking a flight this evening from CYDF to CYUL. I was able to do this for about $350.00 tax incl. with no connections. 2 hour flight each was.

Just scrolled down at my other choices. Air Canada offered to fly me executive class for close to $10000 with a crazy six hour overnight lay over. Avg. flight time 17 hrs.

And executive 2 of the three legs each way.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… which flight to choose. Can anyone find anything similar to this!

my apologizes for the cut and paste job from the Air Canada web page.

Review Flight Details

Fares shown are the best available uniform rates at this time for the number of tickets requested and the selected travel times and dates. Fares are not guaranteed until you purchase your ticket.
Review your itinerary

Flight From To Date Depart Arrive Stops Duration Aircraft Fare
Type Meal Service*
AC8885 Deer Lake (YDF) Halifax, Halifax Int’l (YHZ) Fri Apr-13 16:35 18:04 0 16hr05 DH1
Executive Class F
AC184 Halifax, Halifax Int’l (YHZ) St Johns (YYT) Fri Apr-13 21:10 23:10 0 319
Executive Class S
AC627 St Johns (YYT) Montreal, Trudeau (YUL) Sat Apr-14 06:00 07:10 0 319
Executive Class B
Executive class is not available or not offered on flight AC8885, segment YDF-YHZ. You will be seated in Economy class.
AC632 Montreal, Trudeau (YUL) St Johns (YYT) Mon Apr-16 20:30 00:20
+1 day 0 18hr07 319
Executive Class S
AC651 St Johns (YYT) Halifax, Halifax Int’l (YHZ) Tue Apr-17 10:10 11:20 0 E90
Executive Class S
AC8884 Halifax, Halifax Int’l (YHZ) Deer Lake (YDF) Tue Apr-17 13:55 16:07 0 DH1
Executive Class F
Executive class is not available or not offered on flight AC8884, segment YHZ-YDF. You will be seated in Economy class.

S: Snack or Brunch B: Breakfast
F: Food for purchase

Review final quote details

Fare Summary
Passenger Type Adult
Flight 1 - Departing airfare (Executive Class)
Flight 2 - Returning airfare (Executive Class)
Navcan and Surcharges
Taxes, Fees and Charges
Canada Airport Improvement Fee
Canada Security Charge 9.34
Canada Harmonized Sales Tax 1144.41
Canada Quebec Sales Tax (QST #1000-043-172) 1.19
Canada Goods and Services Tax (GST/HST #10009-2287) 0.90
Total airfare and taxes before options (per passenger) 9335.84

Number Of Passengers 1
Grand Total - Canadian Dollars $9335.84
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Money AND TIME to burn! Jeez! Any executive choosing such an option should be fired, or at best, demoted to the mailroom!


Amazing! And that’s just Deer Lake/Montreal and back.

Suppose you really put some miles on by going to the far northwest. How much would Deer Lake/Dawson Creek RT set you back? Exec class, of course.


I guess it was about 8 years ago now, but I was looking for a flight to get my grandmother to my aunts, she would be going from Jamestown, ND to SFO. Because I was in the Twin Cities, she didnt mind either driving down to the Cities and staying a day or two with us, but she preferred to fly out of JMS or FAR.

Northwest had a pretty good deal for $310 or so going FAR-MSP-SFO.

Another option was FAR-MSP-ORD-MSP-DLH-MSP-SFO for $800 or so.

In the past year when I have checked NWA or CO from MSP to SAN it never seems to fail to have an option connecting me through EWR come up.


ouch… :confused: