$600 to fly 200 miles, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

This is getting ridiculous!

Since Fall 2005 I have been paying arround $350 to fly from CYYZ Pearson Intl to KCAK or KCLE Hopkins to visit my fiancee every weekend here and there. I thought $350 was ludicrous to begin with… Well think again. Prices sored up to $800 from now on and for awhile probably. How can this be? It is amazingly heart breaking. I have to pay almost a thousand dollars every time I want to see my fiancee for 48 hours.

A broken man. :frowning:

Well is she worth it!??

Yes of course she is.

What makes it worse is that we have been tracking oil prices vs. normal gas prices and it makes no sense (or cents, in this case). Oil drops almost $1.50, and we get a whopping 4 cent decrease in gas prices. Yet, when oil goes up 40 cents, our gas prices jump 10 cents. Going to love seeing what happens since oil is down $1.24 already today and it’s not even Noon yet in NY.

Pathetic… I love flying… But at these rates who can afford it?

The root of the problem is that because it’s an international flight they’ve got you by the shorts!

Your only real option is to drive to BUF and catch a flight from there for ~$200 RT. But at that point you might as well just keep going and drive to CLE. It shouldn’t take you more than about 5 to 5.5 hours total.

Take the 401 to Hamilton, get on the QEW to BUF and then hop onto I90 right to CLE. Once you’re on I90 you can run 75-80MPH without too many worries. Heck, 70-75MPH will only just keep you from getting run over by an 18 wheeler!



Thanks James.

I did think about that… the problem is time. I finish work at 7 PM on Friday and have to be back at work on Monday at 10 30 AM… Drivig would make it as I’d have less time with her… and yes I do knoe Buffalo offers cheaper flights.

Argh. I guess I should get married sometime eh :wink:

How long does it take you to fly to CAK from YYZ? Take into account ALL variables:

  • actual flight time
  • connection time
  • check in time
  • customs time

Using Expedia, the shortest trip time I found was 3.5 hours. Add an hour check in time, that comes to 4.5 hours. Need to add customs time and your approaching 5 (or more) hours.

Or, why not have both of you drive to someplace that about half-way between CAK and YYZ for the weekend? Might be cheaper in the long run.

BTW: The cheapest fare I saw for departing YYZ on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and returning the Tuesday after was $508 plus extortion (taxes or user fees to you tax-lovers out there).

LOL that was a pretty hilarious post : ) OK what I usually do when I visit her on the week end is I switch shifts with a colleague cuz the latest flight out from YYZ is at 6 PM. So I leave work at 4 30 PM and get into Akron at 9:55 PM. Cleveland is a lot faster even though more of a hassle.

Driving really would be a good idea, I know it Unfortunately I do not have my drivers license. I wish I did, but my eye sight is not very good. I might be able to drive here though. I was born and reaised in France and cant drive there

Thanks for all the suggestions though!
Much appreciated

Is that $600 Canadian or U.S.? Cuz isn’t $600 Canadian about $24.50 U.S.??? :wink:

The real question is, if you marry her, WHO MOVES?!?! :question: :open_mouth:

Why not fly Air Canada or Continental non-stop or United one-stop? Departures as late as 6:55PM for under $500 for any weekend in June.
With American you’re probably connecting in DFW. :slight_smile:

Ladies & gentelmen, I give you the man behind “Tom Tom Go”

If I marry her I will probably be moving lol. And FYI the Canadian dollar is above 90 cents US :wink: heehee

Well $500 is still a big lumpsum for a 192 mile trip dontcha think :wink:
But ya if I have to I will…

Thanks guys, you’re great!

IF??? IF??? You put a ring on the woman’s finger and you are saying “if”? Is someone getting cold feet? HA

lol sorry, I meant more the if as a when I do. She’s not ready yet… I am though, she’s like the sexiest woman alive :smiley:

I now give you the obligitory…

“No she’s not. MY wife is!”

That and “My son is the cutest 5 month old EVER!!”

Of couse, I beleive both to be true!

Good point :slight_smile:

I guess we all think our loved ones are the best eh :wink:

Was going to suggest Greyhound but the quickest trip is over 9 hours.

While Pika1000 said the obligatory

“No she’s not. MY wife is!”

That and “My son is the cutest 5 month old EVER!!”

Of couse, I beleive both to be true!

I can honestly say my girlfriend is the most beautiful, sweetest, loving woman around!

Wait till you marry her. :smiling_imp:

ya lol