Edmonton Alberta to Dallas


Hello all,
new here
I wanted to fly my boyfriend in for my college graduation, Edmonton to Dallas, any idea where to get a good deal?



WestJet to Vegas, SWA to Love.


matrix.itasoftware.com is a good site to find creative low-cost routings, although they only cover carriers in GDS (so Southwest is not included).


Also try dohop.com/
It does include Southwest, although in this case it doesn’t matter because you are going to a city they don’t serve.


Thanks for the replies…
the flight will be in the beginning of may

ive been searching sites like hotwire, travelocity, etc, and found the lowest price at 499…i didn’t know if itd be cheaper to try a smaller airport


If you want to take the time to really research, try looking at a combination of flights (i.e. two tickets). I saved quite a bit a while back by doing this. On a trip I took a while back from OAK to IAH, it was cheaper to buy a roundtrip from OAK to ELP and another one from ELP to IAH.

OAK: Oakland
ELP: El Paso
IAH: Houston


Transborder flights tend to be pricey; $550 ($499+tax) is about as cheap as they get; even Boston-Montreal, about 250 miles one way, is $500 roundtrip.


Lack of competition. Hopefully that will change when regulations begin to allow more carriers into Canadian skies.

Many people in my area of Ontario ( my second home ) will travel to Burlington VT or Plattsburgh NY to pick of lower cost flights. I don’t think that is a viable option for someone in Edmonton ( to drive to airport in States that is ).


There’s already an open skies policy between the USA and Canada. Any Canadian airline can fly to city in the USA and the reverse is true.

Transport Canada

News Release

No. H225/05
For release November 11, 2005
OTTAWA The governments of Canada and the United States have negotiated an “Open Skies” air transport agreement, Transport Minister JeanC. Lapierre and International Trade Minister Jim Peterson announced today.

Potential benefits from the expansion of the 1995 agreement include greater access for Canadian passenger and cargo carriers to a much larger U.S. market as a platform from which to serve third countries; increased pricing flexibility for Canadian and U.S. carriers; more options for Canadian airports to attract U.S. carriers and lower prices for consumers.

“This further liberalization of the Canada-U.S. air transport relationship will allow airlines of both countries to better meet the needs of travellers and shippers,” said Mr. Lapierre. “It is my hope that this agreement will encourage the development of new markets, new services, lower prices and greater competition.”

“The flow of people, goods and services between Canada and the United States is crucial to how we go about our daily business,” said Mr. Peterson. This new flexibility which goes well beyond the 1995 agreement will improve how the NAFTA works and it will make North America more competitive."

The most significant amendments involve liberalizing Canadian air carrier access to United States third country markets and vice versa. The 1995 air services agreement between Canada and the United States created an open regime for air services between both countries. There were, however, constraints regarding air services between each others territory and third countries.

This agreement follows through on the pledge made by Transport Minister Lapierre and U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta that their departmental officials would discuss opportunities for further air liberalization. It also supports the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and its goal of achieving the most vibrant and dynamic trade relationship in the world. These changes are scheduled to come into effect on September 1, 2006.



What it says ain’t what it is. There is still a serious lack of competition in the Canadian market except in the Montreal-Toronto corridor.

Despite the open skies policy, airport fees and tariffs make it more attractive for those who can to drive the an airport in a U.S. border town / city and fly to U.S. destinations from there. Especially with the parity of the dollar.

There is serious competition to Europe and Asia from Canadian airports. In fact, it is cheaper for me to fly to Gatwick from Deer Lake ( cross the Atlantic) than it is for me to fly to St. John’s ( across the Province).


The open skies applies to transborder flights, not the domestic market. What you are talking about has been happening for years. The same thing happens here in the USA. It’s cheaper to fly from Tijuana to Mexico City than it is from San Diego (just across the border) to Mexico City.


it is rather frustrating…
we were considering going to montreal in june…
for me it is about, if that, 494; for him, we’re lucky to find anything under 800/850