We are looking for slots into Aspen this weekend. Does anyone have any experience using to get their slots? Storys good or bad?

Are you not able to get the slot you want through the FAA’s web site?

Unfortunatly they are gone before we can push the button. I guess these guys have a computer system that gets them for you. $35 bucks is reasonable I guess, just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the program.

The problem seems to be the design of the system. People were getting countless back-to-back arrival times so that they could arrive whenever they want. Rather than prohibit more than one arrival from an aircraft (perhaps because of flight numbers), the FAA changed it so you just have to confirm your reservation 24 hours in advance and your other reservations expire automatically although presumably you could confirm as many as you want.

Is the trick of eSTMP that it keeps trying in the hopes that it’ll try to get one immediately after an expiration?