ACA7632 - Exploits Valley Air.

Here’s one for you FA guys.

ACA7632 is a flight offered by Air Canada through a subcontractor, Exploits Valley Air. Even though it is a scheduled flight within Newfoundland, it has never been on the depature / arrivial boards for CYDF or CYYT and I have never been able to track the flight even on local maps. But it does exist, as I have withnessed both ends of the flight nurmerous times. They fly a Beech 1900.

No complaints here, it seems the new upgrade has placed these flights on the schedules departures list.

Just a question, why would this be the only commercial flight between CYDF anf CYYT that is not tracked by FA?

  • below from Air Canada webpage. -

From: Deer Lake, NL (YDF)
To: Compare our fare options St Johns, NL (YYT)

Op. Flights Depart Arrive Aircraft Stops Connections Tango Tango
Plus Latitude Executive
Direct Flights
1 AC7630 09:00 10:00 BEH 0 $384 $429 $529 -
1 AC7632 19:15 20:15 BEH 0 $352 $387 $487 -

Op: Operated by
1 Exploits Valley Air Services

  • From scheduled departures board. -

Scheduled Departures (More)
Ident Type To Depart Arrive
SPR921 DH8A Wabush (CYWK) 03:44p GMT 04:56p GMT
SPR902 SF34 St Johns Int’l (CYYT) 05:27p GMT 06:24p GMT
JZA8885 DH8A Halifax Int’l (CYHZ) 06:30p GMT 08:23p GMT
LAL8302 DH8A St Johns Int’l (CYYT) 07:30p GMT 08:28p GMT
LAL8315 DH8A Goose Bay (CYYR) 09:07p GMT 10:25p GMT
SPR915 SF34 Stephenville (CYJT) 09:09p GMT 09:33p GMT
JZA8887 CRJ1 Halifax Int’l (CYHZ) 09:30p GMT 10:44p GMT
SPR927 DH8A Goose Bay (CYYR) 09:34p GMT 10:52p GMT
**ACA7632 St Johns Int’l (CYYT) 09:55p GMT 10:53p GMT ** SPR922 DH8A St Johns Int’l (CYYT) 10:14p GMT 11:13p GMT

The only explanation I can think of is that they operate with an airline code that is not included in the ASDI feed (non-US airlines are excluded by default). Do they identify themselves on the radio as Air Canada 7632 or something else?

They appear in the scheduled list because ETMS doesn’t filter scheduled flightplans for foreign operators.

I’ll do some checking.

They are a third tier carrier, and I can’t find an ICAO identifier for them. E-mails have gone unanswered. I thought at first that they had blocked their aircraft because they do a lot of private charter work as well.

Quite a few small Canadian carriers use two letter codes (which aren’t included in the feed until they request it) instead of 3 letter ICAO codes, so they may be doing that.

I’ll follow that path.

The closest I came to an identifier is GAN - Gander Aviation - Ganair.

GFT Aerospace Technologies is the parent company to EVAS Air and in turn operates a FBO at Gander International. Gander Aviation owns a competing FBO but has no aviation assets. But they all seem interconnected on some level.

Here is a link to the one time they flew the B-1900 with its registration number. … /CYDF/CYQX

The plane is an ex-Air Alliance ( Air Canada Partner ) plane.

Have it now.

Fly with ’ EV ’ as their identifier.

eg. EV7624