Air Canada overseas pricing

Can anybody please explain how they get away with this: April 26 HKG-YWG #008 & 298. Cost is $3462.00. Next day, identical flights. Cost is $982.00. Load factor almost the same. Plenty of open seats .what is with Air Canada?. They seem to do this all the time???

Are you only considering one-way fares? If so, then crazy pricing is the norm for a lot of airlines. When I used the dates you specified for a round-trip flight, the price was the same.

Also, day of the week can have a huge effect on price - I’m going to Poland later this month from Wed to Mon - ANY other combo of dates increased the price by over $200 (I’m flying with Lufthansa).

It might be availability on the shorter segment that’s driving the longhaul segment into a higher fare class.

Take advantage and fly on the cheap day.

AC has a rather confusing fare structure - economy fares can be what they call Tango, Tango Plus or Latitude. They only allocate so many seats to the lower/cheaper classes (the first two) based on the yield management voodoo which nobody really understands. As each class sells out, the fare jumps to the next one.

Yes but keep in mind both days flights had a equal amount of seats open. So it still does not make any sense why they upcharge $2500.00 more for a 14 hour flight with plastic cutlery & a box lunch??

Prices depend on on both demand and supply. They could be expecting a lot of demand for the expensive day.

Also seat maps are not indicative of actual loads. There could be a lot of sold seats without seat assignments.

Total open seats doesn’t mean much without knowing the class distribution.