Some Feature Requests


Here are two requests I would like to see.

  1. A list of Freq for each airport, and maybe the airlines, so we can listen on Scanners.

  2. I would love to be able to get the discussion area though a “Newsreader” such as Outlook Express. Perhaps this is already possible.



FlightAware tracks flights. It doesn’t listen to airline freqs. FlightAware will not (most likely) do that in the future.


You can get a list of frequencies for the airports by consulting any of the approach diagrams on the airport information pages.

You can check out for other useful frequency info and live scanner feeds.


A google search revealed

I agree with CCX that maintaining such a list would be labor intensive and outside the scope of FA’s mission. For one offs, of course, the Airport data sections have the Airport Charts which list many of the freqs in use.

Either way, welcome to FlightAware!


ATC frequencies are available on the airport diagrams.

The forums software is web-based, not news, but you can use an RSS reader (Google Reader is free) with the RSS feed ( to get similar functionality.


Different request…

Can we get a next/ previous topic button at the bottom of the page as well? Not that it’s hard to scroll back to the top- It would be a bit more convenient…



Just look for a key on your keyboard with the following letters (in this order) on it: h o m e. Then, hit the next topic.

The forum is not a FlightAware program so having the next topic key at the bottom is probably not offered by the forum programmers.


I use a laptop… no home key… I’m homeless! :open_mouth:

I understand that the forums are a basic blank program. I have seen other groups that use something very similar. I was just wondering or hoping it might be an option. Guess not-


Are you sure? It will often be a dual function key on a laptop and I’ve never seen a laptop that didn’t have one at all.


I’ve never seen a laptop where the home key wasn’t accessed by just a single keystroke (i.e. no need to press “function” first).

Are you using one of those computer wannabes that comes with a single button mouse? You know, the one named after a fruit.


There are a variety of Yahoo Groups that focus on scanner listening. This one focuses on aircraft communications listening. We talk about many things, including FlightAware and frequencies. Group output choices include email so it comes right to you. Iden


My Mac Book Pro has a home key. 8)


A Mac? A MAC??

That’s it…I’M OUTTA HERE!!!



I might have quibbles 'bout the shell in use, but any OS that at the end of the day I can get to a “#” prompt is OK in my book.*

*and prompt # [ENTER] doesn’t count.


yes, I have a power fruit pro, and did eventually notice the home/left arrow key… I’m a bit slow sometimes…

You can all make fun of the macs, but I’ll only laugh while you reboot.
It’s nice to have something that always works everywhere I go. I open it up and it says, “found 3 new networks. Would you like to join?” Unlike my last PC it actually joins. Crazy…


would be excellent to click on an a/c on the tracking map to expand its id and details. Some dont have info tags so these are the ones it’d be great to get more info for.


Welcome to flightaware B777. Check out … kable+maps for this suggestion as it’s been previously suggested.



I’d like to see a list of Favorites or recent airports I’ve tracked when I log in to FilghtAware. For example, I’m in SoCal and generally track KBUR, KVNY, KPMD, KLAX, KONT, KSNA. Once I’m logged in it would be cool to have these always listed. Another suggestion along the same lines would be a regional grouping e.g. SoCal has the airports above or the bay area could have KSFO, KOAK, KSJC, KSAC, KSMF, etc. Dallas could have KDFW, KDAL, KADS, KDTO, etc. Anyway you get my drift.


Check out My FlightAware. Also, when searching for flights you can use ZLA for socal and ZFW for Dallas, for example.


But when you use the area identifiers the map disappears!