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Include ATC Frequencies in Graph Link / Flight Log

Possible enhancement:

I find that I often use FlightAware along with my air band scanner (or Live ATC) at the same time. I like the Graph link function (Flight Log on the mobile app) that shows information about a specific flight, including the ATC Reporting Facility, during the flight.

Along with the Reporting Facility (example Atlanta Center), it would be nice if the site also displayed the radio frequency that the aircraft was on (for each line in the Graph/Flight Log). That way, a user could see a specific flight and check the Graph/Flight Log for the ATC facility and the frequency. The user could then monitor the flight using a scanner or Live ATC. I’m not sure if this is possible, but it would be a nice addition.

Thanks for the great website and mobile app. Keep up the great work.

We haven’t found a usable database of frequencies in the AIP based on the lat/lon/alt. The approach/departure/tower frequencies we have on the airport resources page don’t specify their locations.