Anyone know a good site for ATC radio frequencies?


Post if you know a good website for ATC frequencies…


My personal favorite is

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Another good source is right here on FlightAware. At the bottom of each airport page is a link to that airport’s information.


Last time I checked, it didn’t have ATC frequencies on it. is where I go for the frequencies I need.


Click on the airport diagram. Click on the next airport diagram that shows up for a larger picture.

Airnav, as you mention, is also a good place go for frequencies.


Yeah, I think i’ve used air nav, its pretty reliable.


Yes, but that doesn’t have approach frequencies on it.


not that it will help you at all but i could mail you some outdated approach plates for the KS/NE area. another source you might be able to pick up would be an airport facility directory, they’ll cost you a couple bucks but it will give you gobbs of information about airports (if you dont want to pay for approach plates, this site will show them to you for free in the resources section).


I would hope it’s reliable for frequencies…pretty useless website for pilots if it isn’t


Sometimes for smaller airports they arn’t updated or there period…


Huh ? Yes it does. Perhaps you meant center (enroute) frequencies.


Must I do everything? You can also click on the approach plates to get not only the tower frequencies but also approach’s.


Why should we worry about it when we have you? PAH-LEEZE!!!


Good point!


Why search through PDF’s when you can have all the frequencies in one place at one time?


If you spot or photograph aircraft at a particular airport, it’s great to have an airport diagram that shows not only the runway layout but also the frequencies all in one place.


But why do you need the frequncies after they’ve been programmed into your scanner?


Damn…You are as bad as a 5 year old always asking “Why?”


The difference is, I know why, and now I’m just arguing. :wink:


It is entertaining, though!