Some AIRPORTS missing some/all Flights


Good afternoon.

We are using your services, using the queries Enroute, Departed, Arrived and Scheduled (to obtain the flights per Airport), currently we request flights for about 48 Airports and we need some solutions to our problems.

In some Airports we have Flights request failures (sometimes we don’t have any flights results), for example :

  • NDJ, Airport N’Djamena, Chad
  • Airports from Mozambique, TET (City Tete), MPM (city Maputo)
  • VAR, Airport Varna, Bulgaria
  • Two Airports from Ireland, ORK (City Cork) and SNN (City Shannon)
  • And Airports from Portugal some times fails some FLights

Example/Sample of Airport NDJ (N’Djamena from Chad), flights appear at your page, but API is empty!!, check bellow:

Flights from FlightAware:

Flights from kinkaa (to prove that flights exists at Arrivals and Departure):

In the near future will these airports have more support? We’re paying this service to Flightaware, because airports/flights are a very important demand from our customers.

We need this fixed, ASAP, doesn’t make sense having data at the site and not have such data at the API.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Sousa


Those 3 google drive documents are not publicly accessible, so I cannot view their contents.

One thing to keep in mind when comparing the airport pages on our website vs what is returned by FlightXML. The FlightXML API methods (Departed and Arrived) will are documented as only returning flights within the last 24 hours, while the website’s equivalent pages will show slightly longer history if there are not very many more recent flights. FlightXML is designed for users that are specifically interested in recent flight activity and not historical data access. If you are requesting flights for those airports more frequently than once every 24 hours, then I would expect you to receive the same list of flights.


Good Afternoon.

Sorry, now i give all access to that images.

In the image i send, have more flights than the FlightAware presents at site, and the requests Enroute, Departed, Arrived and Scheduled.

Best regards,

Ricardo Sousa


A lot of the airports you listed are outside our main coverage area. Therefore, neither the API nor FlightAware website will have enough information to show them under Enroute, Departed, Arrived or Scheduled.
I have compared FlightAware website against FlightXML for some of the airports you listed but I get more flights through FlightXML.
This is expected as the website limits the number of entries to 11. Moreover, FlightXML provides more data than the website for some calls by design. I am not sure why you saw no flights through the API, but please send the specific details so we can investigate next time.
Again, if the API is not returning a flight, then it is most probably because of limited information. FlightAware is definitely working on increasing the coverage areas around the world.