Problems with search info on some flights and airlines

Hello. I can not find info about some flights (about 5-10% of needed).

I am using FlightXML api 2 version.

FlightInfoEx method…

But some flights doesnt give the correct info…

For example. Flight ZF 7712 returns “no data available”. Tried both IATA and ICAO airline codes (ZF and KTK) If i try a direct search on flighaware website i receive info about that flight but cosidering it - last flight was 1 september. But i definitly know that this flight landed today in Domodedovo (Moscow)

Here is info from Domodedovo flight table -

Here is info from flightaware direct search on website -

There are also some flights with the same problem. What can cause it or am i doing something wrong? Thanks for help and have a nice day.

Try turning on “show position-only flights”; we have more recent data than 1 Sep for that flight, but they are position-only flights. (See

Hi. This advice solved problems with a lot of flights. But still have problems with some of them. For example

RL 7532 or in ICAO RFJ7532

From Fukuoka to Domodedovo

i see this flight on 14 november on domodedovo flight table. But nothing in fl Aware both by direct search or API. Tried both “show position-only flights” and standart option.

Thanks for help and have a nice day.

That flight per the Domodedovo arrivals is not scheduled to arrive for over a day, i.e. it hasn’t departed yet. If it’s not in the air producing positions, and it’s not in the scheduled flight data we receive, and it’s not in the flightplan data we receive from some ANSPs, we have no data about it and it will not appear.

Ohhh. Thanks. I just need to set lower interval for flight aware in my system and start monitor flights more close to a plan arrival date. Thanks a lot.