So many types of 737-800 aircraft

I know the 737-800 is my top1 favorate aircraft and I would do absotlutly anything to ride one but I dont seem to understand why their are so many of their type. Their are 737-800W,737-800Q, 737-824,737-823, and a a lot more. I just dont want to list them all because this would get boring, anyway I apreciate your answer or tell me if I need to be more speecific. :slight_smile: Thanks for everything

There are only nine variants of the 737, 737-100 to the 737-900.

There are some minor differences within a variant that may earn their own designation, such as the 727-200 Advanced, the 727-200C or convertible and the 727-200QC quick change, but they’re still a 727-200 variant.

Google is your friend.

The last two characters of a Boeing aircraft model is the Boeing customer number. A 737-823 indicates that the aircraft was ordered by American. Similarly, a 737-824 was orginally ordered by Continental.

A 737-800W indicates that the aircraft has winglets. I’m not sure if this is an official code or not.

I haven’t heard of a 737-800Q.

On the earlier Boeing jets were suffixes such as “A” or “C” or “QC.” In this case, you would take the first two characters after the series number to determine the customer code. For example, a 747-221B would have been made for Pan American (“21”) while a 737-247A was made for Western (“47”).

See here for a more complete explanation and list of customer numbers.

yeah but if you look at photos in and you count the windows from outside the plane in the picture their more windows then others

That makes NO sense whatsoever. We’re done. Learn to write in complete sentences and do your homework before bothering people.

com on there are a few mistakes and quiting on me is not a option

The only IATA 737-800 codes that I know of is

738 - 737-800 pax
73H - 737-800 pax w/ winglets

The 73Q is a 737-200 with the Stage III hush kit but all of the 737-300 series and up are already Stage III, so don’t think you should see a 737-800Q.

The 737-824 part of your question was answered by damiross, ie: customer codes.

Here’s the link for Boeing customers:

Must be different Galley and Lavatory configurations based on customer preference.

I think you are mixing 2 things the last letter would be the Equiptment code, R= RNAV,Mode C & Neg RVSM . Q= FMS,Appch GPS,Approved for RVSM

The FAA Equipment Suffixes are separate from the question of the OP. And as of yesterday with the switch to Domestic ICAO Flight Plans those equipment codes have all changed.