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I was looking a United Departures on the Flightaware App and I was wondering why are the 737-900’s showing as a BBJ3. I aslo saw the 787 showing as a BBJ.

The Boeing Business Jet BBJ3 is based on the 737-900.

Thanks, I’m familiar with the BBJ’s. But United Airlines don’t use a BBJ3’s for passengers and that’s what the Flightaware App was showing. I just wondering why.

Which app and version?

Which flight?

The Android FlightAware App .Its showing Alaska Airlines and United 737-900’s as a BBJ3.

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Can confirm this is still a problem. Alaska 690 showing as BBJ3.

On the Android Flightaware APP…It is still showing BBJ3

This particular version of the issue will be resolved in the next release of the Android app, coming in a couple weeks. The problem stems from ambiguities in aircraft type ICAO codes. In this case, the ICAO code of the craft is B739, which can map to 3 different models of craft (737-900, 737-900 BBJ3, or BBJ3). I can’t promise we’ll always pick the right model, but we’ll at least be consistent between Android and the website.

Ok thanks…I was just wondering why…Its not biggie though