Boeing completes first Boeing BBJ 3 (900ER) . . .


Boeing press release photo.

Boeing recently completed work on the first BBJ 3. The BBJ 3 is a new, larger business jet based on the Boeing Next-Generation 737-900ER (Extended Range). The BBJ 3 has 1,120 square feet (104 square meters) of floor space, and provides 35 percent more interior space and 89 percent more luggage space than the BBJ 2. The BBJ 3’s range is between 5,435 nmi (10,066 km) and 4,725 nmi (8,751 km) depending on the number of passengers flown.

The airplane is now at DeCrane Aircraft in Georgetown, Del., where it will receive its long-range auxiliary fuel system and a Head-up Display. The fuel system, new for the model, will undergo a two-month certification process at DeCrane. The airplane’s final stop is at a completion center of the owner’s choosing, where it will receive a custom interior. The un-named customer will receive the completed airplane in 2009.


Wonder if porterjet could convince his boss to grab one of those…


Wonder if I can get my dad to buy one of those… wouldn’t hurt much to be a few generations in debt… its worth it…


I would rather have a faster plane. Say, an F-16. Well, we are all envious.


I’d rather have a plane where I can lay down, share a drinks with friends… make people marvel over my plane, not look at displays all day,
get escorted every time I fly, and meet with local authorities everywhere I land. 8)