any ideas on what type of aircraft this is?

My guess would be a C-17.

edit: Perhaps a 767 tanker? Boeing is trying to get the new tanker contract.

Maybe a KC-135?

Yeah, I’m guessing the 767 tanker demo. Going between 2 different AFB’s, most of the 17 production comes out of California and the tankers are closer to that area (Wichita I believe). Someone knows I’m sure.

McConnell AFB

And while we’re on this subject, about 6 months ago, I saw my first “green” jet (it was literally green) on approach to CHS

That thing’s been hiding somewhere at CHS I guess - I haven’t seen a flight plan for it, but I’ve been to various parts of the airport/AFB and have yet to see it again. After 6 months, it seems like it would have moved by now. With Vought, Global Aeronautica and the new Boeing plant all here now, who knows what they’re doing with it though.

Boeing does have a maint. facility at KSKF. mostly KC10,-135s, C17s
would have driven out there if it was the weekend…

Ask and ye shall receive!

BOE123 is N719V, a BBJ for Korean Air head honcho. No idea why it passed through Charleston, but it was enroute to Georgetown for fuel tank mods (vast majority of BBJs go there for fuel tank work before outfitting and painting prior delivery). It dept CHS next day as N719V to GED.

It was a false FPL.

Damn - thanks Rob. I’ve been wondering about that one for months. How in the hell?? You work for Boeing?

No, I don’t work for Boeing but I have access to the test flight and aircraft delivery data at BCA through some contacts there. I don’t usually divulge info on the BBJ customer info simply out of courtesy to Boeing and their customers, but the info about this particular aircraft is already in the public domain.

I noticed it disappeared off Flightaware about an hour later, could have possibly been a BBJ, quite a few go thru Gore Designs for interiors. Just never have seen a flight with ‘BOE’ listed at KSKF before. Thanks!