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SkyAware webpage link

I received an email update Tuesday; “New SkyAware Features” that claimed " •Direct link on the SkyAware map to go to your My ADS-B statistics page on FlightAware.com"

However, I don’t have it. Running W/10 Home. Google Chrome -latest version.

I even logged in with Edge and nothing. The link is supposed to be right above the “filters-columns” from doing a search and seeing a screenshot someone posted.

If logged in you will either find it in the menu on the top:


Or in your profile itself:


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@sjtalon Your FlightFeeder is on the latest version so you should have it on your SkyAware. Does it show SkyAware 5.0 on the top right?


Ya, I did notice that with the site pic I saw the link on, but I have nada there ??
RIght, I am 9.0. Just fired it (feeder) up Friday. I’m a new b !

That screenshot is from Skyview remote or?
The Message rate shows that

Welcome. What URL are you entering in your browser?

Go to < local IP of your FF >/skyaware

Via my PC. I am going from their web mainpage, then “My ADS-B” on the top, then choose “stats” from the dropdown.

end up here:

What URL are you entering<

yup, got me thinkin’

ahhhhhhh, found it, if I use the link in the email I got when I got on line ( a http/ /192)

Then I have it. Interesting that it doesn’t just have it on the browser ??

Time for a new shortcut in da bookmarks. Never thought of it as something you would need to access like into a router.

Thanks for the help folks !

Happy trackin’
sjtalon (a yooper)