Recently updated, now having trouble accessing local feed

A few days ago I was checking the stats page and saw it was flagged that I was running an old version. It’s probably about 3 years since I last updated anything.

I did an update and all seemed ok until this morning my wife told me she could no longer view planes on her PC. The feed is working fine, and I can see my feed both on the SkyAware Anwhere page and piaware-IP/skyaware from my PC, so I know that everything is working, but that link wont connect on hers, just a big flashing gear, also the piaware-IP:8080 link she has always used no longer works from any device on the network.

I’m at a loss as to how to proceed with this, so any hints would be gratefully received.

Not sure what happened here, but everything started behaving 2 days later.