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Skyaware shows my old site position?

My current position which is accurate:

My position according to My FlightAware - FlightAware :

I admit the second one was accurate… 5 or 6 days ago. Is there some option or page to update to make it show the correct/current position? The correct one at the top of the post is “set from receiver” using GPS.

You can change your site location here

Flightaware works with GPSD. Configured your GPS/GNSS unit to work with GPSD and it should automatically update flightaware.

Here is an old post about GPSD and Piaware.

Love the callsign write up in QRZ. I had a great laugh.

So, mission accomplished with my QRZ page, excellent.

With regards to the rest of it, here we go… I had actually already found that other article you linked, but, thank you nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed this part of that linked post:

I have since(my previous post) moved to a new location and updated/upgraded/restarted/rebooted the entire affair. I used the gear icon on the right side of the stats page that allows me to change various aspects of the piaware. While it already was using the location given to it by gpsd, I went ahead and switched to manual and used the popup map to very precisely relocate my map marker. I saved, rebooted, and waited, Essentially, I am facing the same scenario. Localhost PiAware/SkyAware shows correct location(it actually showed correct prior to all this, but I went through the motions anyway). But the My FlightAware - FlightAware map still shows the same location(roughly 70 miles west of SLC in the desert). I am not sure what to try next. Since I tend to tinker, I have clicked on just about everything possible to click on. I am on the same network as the RPi; about the only thing left I can think of is to VNC into the pi and log in from the browser on the pi, but I seriously doubt that is going to change anything.

Am still open to further suggestions or ideas. Or, if I didn’t pay close enough attention to something, critique.

Thanks for helping out thus far.


The “My Flightaware” map rings are actually not tethered to your feeder location at all.

Open the layer selector on the right hand side and click on the little gear icon next to Range Rings; you can set the center point of the rings there:

Oh dear… and I recall having done that already at some point not long after I first claimed my PiAware. The things they don’t tell you about getting old. This memory thing really kinda… well, you know.

Many (red-faced)thanks.

In light of how you described this as not being “tethered to your feeder location at all”, perhaps this is an opportunity to suggest a check-box somewhere that would allow said option; ie. allow it to be tethered to your feeder if the user so desired? Where could such a suggestion be submitted for consideration? Or is this post sufficient to move forward?